Rock Design

Landscaping and hardscaping projects involve planning and creative design, and nothing incorporates the look and feel of natural beauty into project plans like boulders, rocks, and stones. The possibilities presented with rock and stone are limited only by creativity and the size and contours of your property. Rocks of different shapes and sizes can be used as construction elements in virtually any hardscaping project, from short walls and columns to paving stones for walkways or terraced stairs on gentle slopes.

Northern California is home to many types of granite boulders and large stones that can be used to build out large hardscape features along slopes, waterways, and as natural boundaries. Ancient volcanic basalt boulders and columns come in an amazing spectrum of colors and provide a wide variety of creative design options.

Large stones and boulders are excellent for constructing retaining walls on sloped lots or to support features built into a property that require soil retention. Whether natural rock and stones are used as the base material for a retaining wall or as a covering layer for cinder blocks, cement, or timbers, the resulting look of a beautiful rock formation is stunning and unforgettable.

Hardscaping around a natural stream or pond or building out a permanent water structure is enhanced using natural rocks and stone. These natural features can transform the lining and area surrounding ponds and streams into works of art. With a proper natural or transformed contour and slope, a small amount of running water can become a fantastic rock and stone waterfall that makes your property a true place of wonder.

Stones can be used in planters and garden spaces, but as stones retain heat and make the soil they cover warmer, they should only be used near plants that can tolerate higher temperatures. For shrubs and other plants that can handle the heat and receive adequate water, stones make excellent ornamental additions to plant beds and other landscaped areas.

Depending on the types of plants used in your landscaping, smaller rocks can provide a decorative finish and also facilitate effective drainage. As our region continues to battle against drought conditions, watering requirements and drainage are very important factors in landscape planning. An effective way to create a more environmentally friendly landscape overall is using rocks and stones as ground cover in many places instead of vegetation that especially needs watering in times of drought. Of course, less watering also leads directly to lower water bills. 

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