Retaining Walls

This is the land of dreams. Our great state includes sunny beaches, stunning ocean views, scenic cliffs, ancient forests, rolling fields, and majestic mountains. Living in a place filled with so much natural beauty may seem idyllic, but some unique challenges and concerns that need to be addressed when maintaining a property in the state of California.

The varied topography of Mendocino, Lake, and Sonoma counties have made this area a special place to live, work, play, and of course, it’s well suited to vineyards and wine. However, managing a sloping landscape can be difficult for homeowners and businesses. Innovative landscaping can turn treacherous terrain into a functional and even luxurious space. Find out more below, and then contact Nicklaus Landscaping to design a beautiful, customized outdoor living space on your property.

What Is A Retaining Wall?

Retaining walls are used to manage sloping terrain. A rigid wall is put in place to support the soil laterally, allowing the surface to be maintained at different levels on either side of the wall. There are a variety of types of retaining walls used for a multitude of purposes. A few of the most familiar examples are hillside farming, roadway overpasses, and terraced landscaping.

Do You Need A Retaining Wall?

In some instances, retaining walls are necessary to control flooding and erosion, provide structural support, create elevation, or maximize space. Just because it may be a necessity, it doesn’t have to be dull and can blend into the current landscape. Retaining walls can even serve multiple purposes, giving structure to the landscape and adding an aesthetic element and increasing your living space. They allow you to create flat spaces where you need them. There are many different types of materials to choose from, including wood, stone, and cement. With so many options to choose from, you can easily customize your retaining wall to suit your own unique needs and personal style. A well-constructed wall made from the right material can last for years to come without requiring much maintenance.

Improving your outdoor living space is a smart investment that can have both immediate and long-term benefits. It will increase your property value and can even improve your quality of life. A ROI of about 15% can be expected
With a new retaining wall doing its job, you may just find yourself spending more time outside, soaking up the sun and fresh air. Make sure to work with a licensed and insured contractor when installing a retaining wall or making other improvements to your property. A trusted professional can help you understand the different options available and what is best suited to your individual situation. At Nicklaus Landscaping we’ll know when permits are required for a project and be prepared to handle the unexpected challenges that inevitably arise during building projects. Our team at Nicklaus Landscaping has been serving the area for many years and is locally owned and operated. Call us today for a estimate on all your landscaping needs.