Fire Pit Builder

Northern California days and nights in Mendocino, Lake, and Sonoma Counties are pleasant throughout the year, and we have the most captivating backdrop of the valleys, vineyards, and blue skies. Spending time outdoors to enjoy the scenery is one of the reasons why people move to this area. Adding a fire pit to your property enhances your time outside with friends and family. Scientists have also found that gazing at a fire has a blood pressure lowering effect.

At Nicklaus Landscaping, we customize property landscapes that compete with the luscious surroundings of wine country. We also install fire pits in various shapes, sizes, and materials. Depending on the size of the area, we can make further improvements like built-in seating, decorative lighting, and more. Schedule a consultation with our team today.

A fire pit is your home’s campfire. It provides light and warmth during chilly nights, and an outdoor cooking method for barbeques, kabobs, and of course, traditional smores. The best fire pit for your home depends on a few factors, such as heat source, type, and material. 

When you schedule a consultation, we take a look at the available space which determines if a bowl, pit, or fire table works best. Decks and patios benefit from fire bowls because they are compact and portable. They work with gas and propane sources, so they’re convenient.

Firepit tables are the larger version of the bowl. Homeowners enjoy the tables because they double as gathering and socializing points. As you narrow down your fire pit options, we’ll make suggestions based on your home’s existing landscape, and take into consideration the fire pit’s potential diameter and height.

As we begin to customize, we’ll help you decide on stone, metal, or a mix. The material determines the aesthetic and lifespan. Durable materials are best for pits that will experience frequent use. Architects point out that metal is the most durable material and natural stone provides the most beauty. To achieve a little of both, we can customize to your liking.

Wood provides the most natural heat source, so you’ll feel like you’re camping at home. Propane and natural gas deliver the same output as wood but have more benefits. You can turn them on and off quickly, they’re smoke-free, and their residue is easier to clean up.

Fire pits require proper installation and the correct permit, so they make a challenging DIY project. They also must to adhere to local regulations, especially in California, where wildfires are an annual occurrence. We are up to date with local codes, so you’ll receive a beautiful and code-adherent final product that enhances your home.

In terms of enhancement, they add more than just aesthetic value, they add value to your property. The exact can be up to a 67% return on investment. Architects and real estate professionals see fire pits as a design enhancement desired by homeowners.

For more information, contact us today. We’ll visit your property and assess the potential areas for the new addition. We offer free estimates and are the go-to landscaping company in the Northern California area.