Fence Builder

When designing a landscape, people often give plenty of thought to what material their walkway will be built out of and what flowers will line the front entryway. What often slips people’s minds is the frame surrounding the property: the fence. Fences can be a stunning addition to a home or business, either serving as an attractive accent or a way to block off the outside world. The options for the design are boundless, and can drastically raise the value of the property, with a return on investment of up to 70% or even higher in many cases.

The American Dream often includes a description of a lovely house with a white picket fence out front. That can be solely for appearances, but it has utility, too, keeping your pets and children from running out to the street. That classic look has been surging in popularity again recently, though the traditional materials to make it have changed. It used to be that the classic look was achieved with wooden posts and white paint, but these days many people opt to use PVC or other vinyl.

Others have other utility, too. Surrounding your backyard with a tall, sturdy fence can block the view into your property from the street or your neighbor’s house, making things a bit more private. That type of fence can also keep noise out, so you can talk freely or play music without worrying about bothering other people nearby. It also keeps the noise from the road down, so the garbage man and school traffic don’t wake you up early in the morning. Some people even choose to sandwich soundproofing material like mass-loaded vinyl within the panels of the material in their barrier fences.

The one you choose should complement the rest of your landscaping and your home or business. When choosing what material to build, you should take the climate into account. The tri-county area is sunny for about two-thirds of the year, so the material your fence is made of should be okay with heat and sunlight. Cedar, pine, and redwood are common choices because they are naturally insect-repellent. Pine is fairly inexpensive and doesn’t require much upkeep. Rolled bamboo with sturdy metal accents looks beautiful. Some folks prefer to use a composite material of wood fiber and plastic polymer, which is a long-lasting option. Of course, you could choose a stone fence as well. Concrete and stucco can look fantastic when done right. Brick can give a classic feel and hold up well to the elements.

At Nicklaus Landscaping, we understand that your home is your castle. It should be exactly as you’ve always pictured, but it takes the certified experts at Nicklaus to make that picture a reality. We hear our clients out on exactly what they want and work together to build upon that idea and craft their vision of a perfect landscape. You have the desire and the vision. We have the skills, knowledge, and creativity to make it happen. You deserve the best of the best, and we’re the ones that deliver that standard.