Deck Builder

Lounging on your outdoor deck is the perfect way to enjoy California’s famously comfortable climate and breathtaking scenery. While they are popular with homeowners all over the country, they are especially valuable in geographical locations that favor year-round outdoor activity. The Pacific region retains the best cost vs. value ratio at 81.8 percent compared to 81.4 percent in the Mountains and an astonishingly low 56.9 percent in the East North Central section of the United States. Nationwide, 77 percent of homeowners feel a greater desire to be at home after completing a deck-related project.

Designs can feature simple or elaborate layouts that utilize multiple entrances or levels. They often contain many functional and aesthetic pieces, such as outdoor kitchen appliances and cozy seating. Accessories are the key to personalizing your outdoor area. For example, umbrellas provide fashionable shade while planters add a touch of eco-friendly flavor. West Coast residents should not hesitate to install the deck of their dreams as they are a remarkably cost-effective home improvement project that is sure to see frequent use.

Types And Materials

If you are looking purely for a cheap upfront investment and top resale value, pressure-treated lumber is the way to go. This chemically treated wood can withstand the elements and is used on almost 75 percent of newly constructed decks, making it the most popular choice. Unfortunately, they also require a lot of maintenance, including annual power washing and a fresh coat of finish every three to four years. Composite decking and high-density plastic lumber are considered the up-and-comers. They are stain and weather-resistant while also being lightweight and low-maintenance. Eco-conscious homeowners love these environmentally-friendly recycled materials.

Set your sights on aluminum when the cost is of little consequence. Objectively, it is the best decking material. Weather-resistant, impervious to rot and decay, impenetrable by wood-boring insects—what more could you ask for? Compared to other materials, aluminum is three to four times lighter while simultaneously two to three times stronger. Moreover, the surface stays cooler thanks to its superior heat-dissipation properties. As an alternative to metal, tropical hardwoods are another luxury option, containing oils that make them naturally resistant and durable.

Professional Landscapers In California

Though they undoubtedly bring a high degree of functionality to outdoor spaces, installing a new deck comes at a cost. Like other sizeable expenses, it is essential to make thoughtful decisions that accommodate your personal tastes, environmental requirements, and budgetary needs. Even when using cheaper materials, the price tag is not one to scoff at. On average, a new composite deck costs around $17,000, while a wooden one averages $10,000. Most of the time, you will want to prioritize durable materials that sustain their visual appeal over time.

No matter what material choices you make, decks are key design features that substantially impact the structural integrity of your home. Without proper planning or construction, you may have a genuine safety hazard on your hands. At Nicklaus Landscaping, we have extensive experience providing the residents of Mendocino, Lake, and Sonoma counties with expert installation services. Contact us today to elevate your home with a fabulous outdoor deck.